About Ate Bit
Ate Bit are an award winning UK [demoscene] group who have been releasing world class demos since 2005

We produce our work on many different computing platforms, from the retro (including the [Vic 20] and the [ZX Spectrum]) right up to modern, high-end PCs

All of our works are available here for free and may be freely shared and distributed as long as you include proper and clear credit and that you do not charge others for our work without our prior consent

You can also find us in these other online places:

Paul 'evilpaul' Grenfell (founding group member)
[Blog] [Vimeo]

Matt '4mat' Simmonds (founding group member)

Other Ate Bit group sites
[Our inspiration blog] [Facebook]

We also run [Demos We Care About], a curated feed of the best of the demoscene.
Ate Bit Productions

[All In The Past]


[The Next Level]


[FMX v1.0]

[FMX Music Demo]

[Ant Attack Trainer]

[Ad Astra]

[FM-Sid driver]


[Daytrip (co-op with Desire)]

[Untitled (co-op with Hack'n'Trade)]


[Party Bit (co-op with Hack'n'Trade)]

[Assembly 2012 Invitro]


[Thread Up]



[The Hungarian Gambit]


[Miami Vic]

[Ahh.. The Tape Loading Era!]

[Bad Scene Poets Are Back]



[Ribbons, Tunnels & Techno]

[Pimp My Spectrum]

[Pimp My Chips]



[Sundown 2007 1k Invitro]


[Type Mismatch]

[Ceci N'est Pas Un Cube]

[<3 Krunk]

[<3 Smash]

[Old Skool Invitro Maker - Sundown 06 Invite]

[We Are Spectrum]

[In A Loop]

[Eight Dollar Math]

[Throw Up]

[Stick Up Game]

[Get Up]
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